Blue Ridge Vineyard Foundation Classes

Our motto at BRVC is “Love in Action.” This phrase has a ton of depth and meaning. We want to reveal God’s love to the world just as Jesus did when He was here on earth. Our vision is to “Multiply disciples who are experiencing the AGAPE love of God and pouring out that love to our world.”

Our Foundation Classes are the heartbeat of our motto and vision. We can only give what we have received from God. In other words, if we are not experiencing God loving us, we can’t share that with anyone else. To be a church that is shining with God’s love and compassion, we need to individually experience and receive His love. These classes help us understand, experience, and share the love of God.


Three Classes: AGAPE, Redemptive Gifts, and Boundaries

  • The AGAPE Class lays the foundation of the nature and the power of the love of God.
  • The Redemptive Gifts Class draws from Romans 12:4-8 and helps us learn how God wired us to show His love to others. This class brings lots of clarity to who we are and how God created us.
  • The Boundaries: The Atmosphere of AGAPE Class ties all of this together. You cannot function in true Biblical love without forming and keeping healthy boundaries. It is how God created the world and loving relationships to function.

To fully grasp and flow in our motto and vision, it is critical for every member of our growing church to take these classes and learn to live continuously from the river of the Father’s love.

AGAPE Class Notes and Videos

AGAPE: Session 1

AGAPE: Session 2

AGAPE: Session 3

AGAPE: Session 4

AGAPE: Session 5

AGAPE: Session 6

AGAPE: Session 7

AGAPE: Session 8

Redemptive Gifts: Session 1

Redemptive Gifts: Session 2

Redemptive Gifts: Session 3

Redemptive Gifts: Session 4

Redemptive Gifts: Session 5

Redemptive Gifts: Session 6

Redemptive Gifts: Session 7

Redemptive Gifts: Session 8

Boundaries Class Notes and Videos

Boundaries: Session 1

Boundaries: Session 2

Boundaries: Session 3

Boundaries: Session 4

Boundaries: Session 5