AGAPE: The Basis of Our Values

AGAPE love is eternal, unbroken, sacrifical benevolence. It is pure goodness that constantly flows from the Trinity to man. AGAPE originates only in God, and His desire is that it flows back to Him and outwardly to our fellow human beings.

Love will be our source, our motivation, and our bottom line. We want to make AGAPE visible and practical in all we do. We want to see each person experience, personally and deeply, the AGAPE that God has for them. He loves us first, and when we are filled with His love, we have something to give away. Love for God is first, followed by our love for one another in the church. Then our love must find expression to the lost, hurting, broken, and bound.

Mission — We will be a “go and do” church vs. a “come and see” church. Our method will be incarnational—physically going into our world with the light of Jesus, just as He did when He came to earth. We desire to see Asheville transformed by the love of God. We will watch where God is moving and move where He leads us. One area we feel led to impact is the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians.

Relationships — Love is lived out in relationship. This is a primary value of the Vineyard movement. Everything flows from relationships. Our love is tested in relationships. We grow in love through relationships. Ministry flows out of relationships. We will be warm and safe relationally. We will be structured yet flexible. We will value both relationships and results.

Creativity — We will value creativity in all that we do. We will reinvent ourselves continuously, responding to God’s ever-growing purposes for our church. We will maintain a learning culture. We value artistic expression in music, dance, drama, and visual art.

Generosity — We will always maintain a perspective of lavish giving. We will generously support ministries doing kingdom work within the city and overseas. We value other expressions of the Body of Christ and want to partner with them in the work of extending God’s kingdom.

Worship — This is where love begins: loving God because He loved us first. We will devote time, energy, and resources to maintaining excellent, Spirit-led worship within our church community. We will work to use the highest quality sound and A/V resources to honor God and keep our worship alive, relevant, and engaging.

Training/Sending — Like an excellent school, we have a vision for equipping and sending out our best to reach the world. We will develop and send out leaders in the main spheres of our culture—church, business, education, government, arts/entertainment, media, and sports. We desire to be a church-planting church that develops and sends others to plant new churches around the world.

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